TechAspect Creates HIPAA-compliant Mobile App Using Hybrid Development Approach

May 13, 2016

A healthcare industry customer recently asked TechAspect to develop an HIPAA-compliant mobile app that would allow physicians to enter prescriptions and messages for their patients, and enable patients to receive prescription-related alerts.

Though designing most of the elements was pretty straightforward, the HIPAA-requirement to protect PHI (personal health information) presented special data-security considerations. An aggressive release schedule, driven by the customer’s quick-to-market requirement, was also a factor in the project.

The Approach: Hybrid Application Development
One of our first decisions was to go with a hybrid app instead of a native application. For optimal efficiency, TechAspect chose a proven but innovative technology that helps accelerate development and maintenance times without compromising the app’s performance.

Code Sharing
This strategy ensured that more than 90% of the app code we created could be shared between the browser and app itself, thus reducing development time considerably. In tandem, we chose the customized AngularJS framework to gain greater control over coding and to simplify code-reuse during the initial phase of development.

Added Security
To fully satisfy HIPAA’s stringent security requirement, we also made backend services and databases HIPAA compliant, and integrated proxy servers and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)-based API security to help repel cyber attacks.

Custom Coding
Finally, to help the app perform impeccably at a frame rate of 60 fps, our developers replaced a portion of the framework’s code found to be inefficient and problematic with new, lean custom code that significantly boosted performance.

The Result
Our hybrid approach to development enabled TechAspect to quickly create a useful, regulatory-compliant mobile app that met the customer’s tight deployment schedule and rigorous technical requirements. But the best result? Better doctor-patient communications and a higher level of care.


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