TeamSite integration with translation service

Dec 19, 2013

One of the features that TeamSite doesn’t provide out of the box is integration with external translation service. In fact, it’s not a recommended practice to send LiveSite .pages for translation as part of translation workflow. Out of the box, translation workflow de-selects the option to send .pages. This is one of the major pain points for many of our clients and often needs customized version of translation workflow.

One of the main criteria we set ourselves for this challenge was to keep it generic, as there are many translation vendors out there. When a particular set of pages are associated with the workflow, all the dependent files are automatically copied over to a temporary folder. An email is sent out with the location to external translation service. Someone from their team has to take ownership of the task and download all the files from a network shared location. Then they do their magic to finish the translation and import them back. Right after this step, we have added a script that validates the .pages to make sure that translation service didn’t break the .page code and is valid. As soon as the pages look good, automatically an email is sent out to a reviewer for a final review for publishing.

We have started working on another variation of the same translation workflow. Watch this space for More Updates.


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