SharePoint Online or On-Premises: Which One Should You Choose?

Nov 30, 2016

By Venkata Phani Abburi

It can be difficult to make a decision when it comes to selecting which option is best suited for your company. There are so many choices on the market, and it is easy to get lost in the mountains of data available to you.

No matter how much research you do, or how many experts you meet with; in the end there will still need to be a decision on what is the best choice. While businesses search for digital management systems, they have to decide whether they should use SharePoint Online or SharePoint On-Premises.

After studying and analyzing the up and down sides of retaining use of your SharePoint On-Premises, you have found that you would still like to learn about how SharePoint Online can benefit your company. This post will give you all the necessary information you need to make your final decision.

Things to Consider

Security/Identity Protection and Privacy

In this day and age, businesses are extremely cautious and concerned with how company information is stored. Cloud storage technology is on the rise; however, some businesses are not comfortable with using it. As a result, SharePoint is a more reliable choice.


Price is a major consideration for many businesses and the fees associated with On-Premises technology can be costly. The fees for IT costs, licensing, server patches and upgrades increase based on the type of server being utilized and can be too steep for some businesses. SharePoint Online is included with the Microsoft Office 365 plan and is billed at a monthly rate per user, making it a more affordable option.


Businesses that choose to utilize SharePoint On-Premises will need more room to hold the server, a staff to operate the server, keep it running smoothly and incorporate the patches and updates required. SharePoint Online requires no additional staff or hardware and all patches/updates are implemented automatically by Microsoft at pre-set times.

Access to Information

The world wants and needs access to information “on demand” on any device in any location available. SharePoint On-Premises requires the IT staff to be monitoring all incoming and outgoing data closely, making it unsuitable for “on demand” access. If your business uses SharePoint Online, there will be no issue with accessing information from your office, your home or your favorite coffee shop.

Guarding Information

When your business uses SharePoint On-Premises solutions, you will be able to regulate how and when information is distributed based on your internal company policies. SharePoint Online is dependent on built-in system Microsoft has in place.

Customizing Your Preferences

If your business is interested in customizing, then a cloud-based system like SharePoint Online is not the ideal operating system for you. SharePoint On-Premises provides you with the ability to customize the look and feel of your site.

Type of Business

In many cases, if your company does business with hospitals or schools (public institutions) or government agencies, you will not be able to utilize a cloud-based system due to legal and privacy guidelines in place.


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