Promotional Marketing: How to Blend the Physical and Digital World

Jan 21, 2016

By Aditya Pandurangan

In today’s complex IT world, the biggest challenge of any marketer is determining how to leverage and share information across multiple technologies in order to create a master profile of both anonymous and non-anonymous users. The ultimate goal? To drive real-time delivery of personalized content and services, and to maximize user conversions.

Yet this challenge is the just the beginning. For most organizations, the end-goal is further complicated by the following:

  • Legacy systems – These often exist because older systems either weren’t fully retired or because corporate changes resulted in multiple solutions performing the same function within the organization.
  • Siloed data – Data from multiple marketing channels must be consolidated in order to effectively personalize the customer experience or assess marketing ROI.
  • Diverse touch points – Marketers often struggle to deliver a single experience in an omnichannel world, which blends both offline and online touchpoints.

In this post, we want to address one specific marketing challenge:

How to deliver context-rich, location-sensitive, personalized content to a potential retail customer in real time.

Customers always seek the best “bang for their buck.” They are flooded with options, making it tougher than ever to make the sale. In the current scenario:

  1. The customer is likely to walk through other retail stores before yours (based on what they see first), even if your store has better promotional offers.
  2. The offers sent to them may not be in real time (or potentially relevant) since they are generic promos.
  3. Even if the email offers are highly targeted, customers may still neglect them due to the sheer volume of promos being received.

A Different Approach: Commerce Offers at the Right Time, in the Right Place

Based on the factors above, you may want to consider a “less is more” approach, delivering the information at the right time and in the right place.

Here’s how it might look: A customer enters the mall to buy an item. When he walks into the specific section, based on his location in the store, product-specific promos pop up on his mobile device. He may find competing for offers or simply more interesting promotions that are personalized to him.

Armed with this irresistible offer, he applies the online promotion code and purchases it.

The below video shows the journey of a customer from the point where he likes the product to the point of purchase. Additionally, it describes how solutions like Sitecore, Elastic Path and Marketo, can be used to execute the customized workflow to enhance customer experience.

Watch the Integrated Technologies in Action

This video shows the journey of a customer from the point where he likes the product to the point of purchase. Additionally, it describes how solutions like Sitecore, Elastic Path and Marketo can be integrated with customized workflows to enhance the customer experience.


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