Integrating Hybris, Adobe Experience Manager and Starmount POS for Seamless, Online and In-Store Customer Experience

Feb 20, 2017

By Koti Reddy

SAP Hybris is a leading digital commerce solution company while Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a widely popular enterprise-grade digital experience management platform.

Starmount provides a mobile POS solution that enables store associates to access detailed product information, cross-channel inventory and customer profiles — all via mobile/tablet devices.

Providing a seamless experience across the channels requires almost real-time integration between the systems. The following integrations are the main challenges:

  • Providing a unified experience of the brand online and on in-store devices.
  • Having customer profiles, current shopping cart and order history readily available online to the customer or to in-store associates.
  • Synching inventory in real-time.
  • Synching orders both ways (online orders synced with stores and store orders synced to online) in real-time.

In this blog, we will look at how we solved the first challenge.

To provide a unified customer experience, it is important that the online and in-store experiences on the mobile devices use the same content (product ids, descriptions, images and other product assets). The system most ideal for managing this data is a Content Management system (AEM in our case). We have built our online store using the AEM as the front-end server. So AEM is already providing all the content for the online experiences. Now, the challenge is to make the AEM content available to in-store Mobile POS system (Starmount in our case).

To solve this, we built an extendable micro-service layer that pulls the product catalog data from Hybris and CMS specific data like long descriptions, images from CMS, merge them and push them to the Starmount system using APIs. The product pages in Starmount then use this imported data. This push is done on a nightly basis and will send only the incremental data.

In future blogs, I will discuss the other challenges as well.


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