A Sneak Peek Into Hybris 6.0

Jun 30, 2016

By Nithish Yerramalli

Hybris 6.0 is finally here and it comes with some great features.

We’re particularly excited about four new elements which have addressed major pain points associated with the previous versions:

SAP Hybris Merchandising: This new feature allows you to up your game on the product marketing front by offering contextually relevant product mixes and recommendations to the shopper. You can record real-time data on shopper behavior, process and store it and build intuitive product mixes based on the data.

Promotion & Rules Engine: Hybris 6.0 has made management of complex promotions a lot easier with the new rules engine that allows you to set flexible rules. A modern user interface can help you to create new campaigns without having to worry about technical background knowledge. The new version has designated promotion management as part of the back office.

SmartEdit: This is perhaps the most exciting feature, offering amazing content management experience capabilities. Your sales and marketing team doesn’t need to engage developers as a user-friendly application allows quick and intuitive changes. A wow factor of the new tool is its ability to display finished pages from the point of view of different customers, which enables better customer engagement.

Distributed ImpEx: A major plus factor with the new version is the speed of data loads. This is especially handy in the implementation of large-scale commerce sites. Hybris Help says the data processing speed has been achieved by “splitting import work into separate batches and having them processed by the whole cluster. With this approach, it’s possible to process data faster (or simply larger amounts) by simply adding more servers to the cluster.”


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