HP Autonomy and Marketing Automation – Bridging the Gap

Sep 04, 2014

For a while now, TechAspect has noticed with our clients that they often have fragmented systems that often don’t allow the flow of data back and forth. HP Digital Marketing Hub is aiming to solve that by integrating CMS and marketing automation functions.

But, what about those companies that don’t have the entire HP Hub, and opt to maintain a more eclectic series of marketing technology platforms, which might include HP tools such as TeamSite?

This question brings us to the greater challenge: How do companies close the gaps between their marketing technology platforms and other systems? For example, how can they ensure their CMS, their marketing automation system and, if applicable, their e-commerce tools, all exchange important client data between their systems, in order to make the buyers’ journey relevant?

Let’s explore these questions in the following example.

Systems Are a Reality for Many Companies

Often, companies find that it is too costly to immediately shift marketing activities to one platform. Their legacy systems may contain significant amounts of historical data or feature custom integrations that make it too costly to consolidate everything within a suite, at least in the near-term.

Here is one story of a company that found itself in such a situation. TechAspect helped link five disparate systems to create a greater good.

A Typical Integration Scenario – Referral Programs

We recently worked with a company using CMS, e-commerce, marketing automation and two home-grown systems to drive business to their website. They were preparing for a new release of their customer portal and wanted to be able to empower their customers to create a referral program within that customer portal. The goal was to integrate the CMS and the marketing automation system with their custom systems and eCommerce tool. Here is what happened.

A Challenge – Tight Timelines and Complex Requirements

The client’s first requirement was to trigger transactional messages out of their CMS, using a system that supported transaction messages, which their current marketing automation configuration did not. Switching to an integrated platform simply was not an option, with only 6 weeks until product launch.

Now consider the second requirement: once the transactional message was triggered, the referral information was to be available in the marketing automation system so that a follow-up program could be initiated. However, the new transactional system and the marketing automation system did not speak to one another.

The Solution

Without changing platforms, we simply used the systems they had and were able to connect all the dots, leveraging API calls.

Four API calls integrated disparate systems:

1. The first API call sent a query from the CMS to the marketing automation system to check the master suppression file (also known as an “unsubscribe list”). This ensured that the emails about to be sent out complied with CAN-SPAM laws.

2. The second API call triggered the transactional email in the transactional email engine, which required robust data be dropped into a relational table for mass email personalization.

3. The third API call sent the same robust data into the existing marketing automation system to initiate the follow up program. Because of the mass personalization necessary for this series of emails, we had to drop photos, URLs and data into a relational table and then pull that into the marketing automation program.

4. The fourth API call was to send the results of the transactional email back to the CMS to report the results in the customer portal.

The solution outlined above was completed in six short weeks, and illustrates the technical creativity we offer, leveraging more than 14 years’ experience in marketing technology.

We Can Help You Optimize or Unify Your Technology Platforms

If your current marketing technology challenge includes integrating HP TeamSite with other platforms, talk to us. We would love the challenge. If you can benefit from an integrated platform like HP Digital Marketing Hub, we can also support you as you migrate your legacy platforms and configure your new solutions.


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