First Code Chef Contest Nets Big Benefits for AEM Customers

Aug 02, 2016

By Saravana Sivanandham

TechAspect continues to innovate and create awesome new tools for AEM customers. As part of this, we hosted an all-day event on May 12, our first-ever internal Code Chef Contest—and AEM customers are the real winners.

The new contest, which will be held quarterly, provides a friendly competition to encourage our TechAspect developers to create new ideas for AEM tools, components and solutions. The winning ideas are, in turn, made available to TechAspect customers through two value-added offerings: our Fast Forward Accelerator package and Content Curation Tools.

  • Fast Forward Accelerator Package – This is an exclusive collection of 60+ AEM templates, components and functionalities that have been built or used by TechAspect in previous implementations. These tools have proven so useful, we make them available to all of our AEM clients. With these reusable tools, the foundation has already been laid, so AEM developers can often reduce their overall development effort by 20-30 percent.
  • Content Curation Tools – These tools were also created from previous TechAspect experiences and customer requests, but they’re aimed at reducing time and effort by content authors. We offer 20+ tools including MSM reports, Publish Sanity checks, Excel uploads and Content Extractors, helping today’s content authors automate more processes, save time and make the entire process easier.

The Latest Winning Ideas:

As a result of our first Code Chef Contest, the following innovations and ideas will be coming soon for our AEM customers:

  • ResourceType Updater: A tool aimed at updating sling:resource-type property in bulk (bulk meaning multiple nodes and multiple mappings). This tool automatically checks for compatibility of content, serving as a very handy tool while refactoring your AEM application.
  • JSON Rendered Filter: A customization over the default JSON renderer to filter only the relevant and necessary properties, and present it in a human-readable form.
  • Custom Graph Component: Fully responsive and configurable graphs created using Canvas JS that comes with a simple and intuitive authoring interface.

Apart from the winners, 10 out of the 25 submissions were selected to be available for the Fast Forward Accelerator package and Content Curation tools available to our customers. And by hosting a Coding Chef Contest every quarter, TechAspect is committed to keeping those AEM innovations coming.


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