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Drupal / Open Source

TechAspect's Open Source Group, focuses on the delivery of optimized content management systems for our customers. The team delivers technical excellence through the use of our open source LAMP expertise and related application frameworks.


Drupal is an extremely flexible open source CMS that enables users to build fully scalable solutions quickly and efficiently.

Drupal offers powerful, feature packed modules capable of fulfilling many business needs. TechAspect's clients leverage our service to build custom and extended functionality to suit their own specific business needs in order to gain a commercial advantage.

We can provide services to conduct an assessment of your existing LAMP based CMS and give you a report of our findings & recommendations in order to maximize the benefits your systems can provide.

We have completed many legacy systems / Drupal integration projects, the following being a few module wise & performance based implementations carried out in order to enrich the user experience:

Module-wise Implementations (major)

  • ApacheSolr search integration
  • Multi-domain implementation
  • Ubercart, payment gateway integration and related suite of modules
  • Node Display & Con-templates
  • CCK, Ctools, Panels, & Views
  • Rules, Token, & Webform, references & workflow
  • FFMPEG and media management
  • TinyMCE & FCK Editor with WYSIWYG API
  • Node Import & Node Export

Performance related Implementations

  • eAccelerator for PHP
  • Memcache
  • Cacherouter
  • Boost
  • Authcache
  • HTML Export


Our Joomla experts have installed, customized, and enhanced websites by providing high quality, easy-to-manage and scalable content management system solutions using Joomla.


Our experts at TechAspect have hands-on experience with WordPress installations, plugin development, theme development and customization of many of its existing plugins. We understand how to build a custom solution with the right package of plugins and themes that will fulfill your web needs. We can help you in installing, configuring, and customizing your WordPress website optimally to meet your business needs.

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