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Upgrade to Sitecore 8.2

It's Faster and Get Value Back Faster

Hertz deploys a TeamSite web app

amid aggressive timelines

An optimized Paychex TeamSite solution

provides up-to-the-minute customer information

TechAspect improves experience

by converging several websites into a Sitecore instance

TechAspect is a global marketing technology agency, specializing in digital solutions and customer experience management.

We develop digital ecosystems that are personalized, seamless and engaging. Our expertise lies in the implementation of web content management solutions, and integrations with enterprise search, social media, analytics, marketing automation, CRM, ERP and commerce platforms.


Years in Business


Fortune 1000 Clients


Projects Completed


  • apollo-group
  • at&t
  • avid
  • avon
  • bankofamerica
  • bio-rad
  • massachusetts
  • capital-one
  • celanese
  • chw
  • cisco
  • ebay
  • fhl-bank
  • freddie-mac
  • hbo
  • herballife
  • hertz
  • honeywell
  • humana
  • lenovo
  • paychex
  • polycom
  • pwc
  • staples
  • symantec
  • Telcel Logo
  • texas-instruments
  • toyota
  • us-bank

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